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Endless Keto Salads from a Simple Lettuce Garden

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green leaf lettuce  and bunching onion plants in blue container and white container sitting on a deck
Parris Cos Lettuce and Green Leaf Lettuce with Bunching Onions

Do you love a great salad with fresh mixed lettuces, crispy vegetables and fresh herbs? Me too! Create endless keto salads anytime from a simple lettuce garden in your backyard on your patio or deck and with hardly any effort, but a lot of reward, you can grow your own salad garden that is perfect for your keto lifestyle.

Do I need a green thumb to grow a Simple Lettuce Garden?

The answer is totally NO! With little to no gardening experience you can have a simple lettuce garden that keeps you on track with your keto way of eating. First, I do not consider myself to have a green thumb, so I get ridiculously excited when I see lettuce growing on my deck. Next, choose what types of lettuce, veggies and herbs you love then get started on your simple lettuce garden and soon you will be making endless keto salads…no green thumb required! This year I expanded my growing to include, radishes, green onions and fresh herbs and a couple strawberry plants.

Supplies you will need for your Simple Lettuce Garden

Personally, I love simple containers or using re-purposed items from around my home like this old soda container.

Green bunching onions in a pot and a yellow box with radish plants inside
Bunching Onions and Radishes

The containers need to be big enough to hold your soil and sized to the right amount for you and your family. Grow enough for two to twenty, it’s up to you! I purchased my containers at Costco, they are a perfect size for our house of three and cute as can be! The smaller containers for growing herbs came from Dollar Tree, yep, you heard it Dollar Tree. I was able to plant my favorite herbs and arrange them on the deck for easy watering and harvesting. Now, here are the rest of the supplies I purchased for my Simple Lettuce Garden:

  • Bags of soil for garden vegetables-enough to fill the containers you chose to use.
  • Variety of seeds; lettuce, herbs, radish and green onions, get what you love!
  • Spray bottle for watering
  • Plant markers

Local Seeds

As you can see, the supply list is pretty short. The seeds I purchased online from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds out of Mansfield, Missouri, they have the most beautiful seed catalog and I wish I had a big enough garden (and the time) to grow every seed they carry! With that said, I totally recommend checking out their website, but you can purchase seeds from anywhere in your local area or your favorite seed company. If you choose not to start from seed, grab some plants and put them right into the containers.

Now, you have your supplies, it’s time for the planting, growing and maintenance of your garden which is as easy as reading the back of the seed packets or following the recommendations on the packs of plants.

Endless Keto Salads

You have grown the simple lettuce garden and finally, the time has come to harvest your veggie’s so get ready for endless keto salads with the absolute freshest ingredients straight from your home! From a simple lettuce salad that is lightly dressed or a ‘go big or go home salad’ whichever you choose it will be delicious and perfect for your keto diet! Here are three of my favorite salads you can make with ingredients straight from your garden!

Cobb Salad with Pork Belly Croutons
Sara’s Summer Salad with Strawberry Balsamic Dressing

Get growing…and whatever you choose to put in your Simple Lettuce Garden, you will reap the rewards of sticking with your keto diet and making something for your home that supports your keto lifestyle, one step closer to your health and wellness goals.

Stay On the Rise,


white plastic containers filled with potting soil and filled with herb plants
Herbs are starting to take off!


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