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Keto to Ketovore-Breaking my Keto Stall

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This weeks post is a bit different. Yes, there will be a delicious recipe, but mostly it will be me talking about my current stall on Keto and how I am shaking things up for the next month, changing from Keto to Ketovore-Breaking my Keto Stall.

Let me clarify a few things by saying am I giving up on Keto?…heck no…am I in a stall?….heck yes! Now, a 90 pound weight loss is something I’m extremely proud of accomplishing and maintaining, but I have not yet reached my personal weight loss goal or my overall health and wellness goals. I’m just not there yet.

What is a Stall on Keto?

So, this may be controversial (I’m known for that these days) but my definition of a stall is going without a weight loss on the scale or a change in the way my body feels or my clothes fit in the past 14-21 days. This is just my definition, my personal experience. I always give a full 14 days before I let that word ‘stall’ come out of my mouth, but when it does, I shake things up and in my personal experience things get back on track.

Let me be clear! A stall is NOT a sign of failure, please hear me out loud and clear on that! I have stalled many times since starting Keto. It is NORMAL and it is not your sign to quit and go eat cake! Just keep reading and stay with me here!

Typically, I can figure out why I stall. If I go back and review and reflect, usually, have allowed too many ‘keto sweets’, too many processed foods, not been drinking enough water, or haven’t been consistently tracking in my Carb Manager app. All of these lead to a stall and in the end I realize that I am probably out of ketosis. I also firmly believe that the body gets used to ‘routines’ and every once in a while you have to shake things up! So, I’m switching it up for a full 30 days from Keto to Ketovore.

Keto vs Ketovore

I first heard about Ketovore from Dr. Ken Berry and his wife Neisha. If you don’t follow them on YouTube, get there, and prepare to learn lots about Keto, Carnivore and Ketovore.

We already know about the Keto way of eating so let’s talk about Ketovore. Ketovore is basically how our ancestors ate. It is a combination of Keto and Ketovore. Lots, of meat like ground beef, ribeye steak, tri-tip, chicken thighs, seafood, bacon, sausage, you see where I’m going here. On Ketovore, very little carbs are consumed, less than 10 grams of TOTAL carbs per day is the goal. I’m calling the carbs a ‘condiment’ when eating Ketovore. On Ketovore you eat fatty meats and animal products that are nutrient dense, satisfying and perfect for a weight loss, decreasing inflammation, a body ‘reset’ and breaking a stall. Check out my video below on my plan for Breaking my Stall with 30 days of a Ketovore Way of Eating.

How to get started on Ketovore

So, you watched the video, you’ve heard my plan. Let’s do this! Recapping the steps of switching it up Keto to Ketovore-Breaking my Keto Stall goes like this.

Will I ever go back to just Keto?

The answer to this is simple ‘I don’t know yet’. This journey of Keto to Ketovore-Breaking my Keto Stall is just beginning and the experiment is not over for a full 30 days (although I have a feeling that I will see the benefit sooner than later). Going back to eating clean Keto will depend mostly on how my body and mind feel when I am done. Yes, I want to shed those last 15 pounds to reach my goal weight but my overall health and wellness is always the number one priority.

I will be updating you frequently and maybe daily on how it’s going, what I’m eating and sharing Ketovore recipes that I can’t wait for you to try. I encourage you to check out my Facebook page-Keto On the Rise for daily updates and of course this blog for weekly posts and Ketovore recipes the entire month of September. You can also go ahead and check out my recipe for Perfect-Easy to Peel Hardboiled Eggs, excellent for Ketovore!

Lastly, and as promised, I will leave you will the recipe for this week. Grilled Tri-tip with fresh Chimichurri Sauce (or the veg condiment as we now know it!)

Stay On the Rise,


Picture of Grilled trip-tip with garden chimchurri sauce for the blog post keto to ketovore-breaking my keto stall for the blog keto on the rise

Grilled Tri-Tip with Garden Chimichurri Sauce

Main Dish-Meat
By Sara Serves: 6
Prep Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 1 hour Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Perfect for Ketovore! A delicious grilled Tri-tip...charred and juicy, topped with a chimichurri sauce that has fresh herbs and tomatoes straight from the garden!


  • 1 Tri-Tip
  • Salt and Pepper or general meat seasoning of your choice
  • For the Chimichurri
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 cup fresh parsley
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 1 tsp fresh ground pepper
  • 1 tsp pink salt
  • Juice of one lime or 1 lemon
  • *1/2 cup of Cherry Tomatoes (optional but I added)



Start a Charcoal fire and spread the coals when lit on 1/2 of the grill leaving the other half as the indirect heat side.


Season the meat and allow to sit at room temp while the coals are heating up.


When the coals/grill is ready, sear the tri-tip on each side to get a nice char of color. Not burnt but a good char for a tasty bark!


After searing both sides move the tri-tip to the indirect heat and allow to continue cooking until an internal temp reaches a medium or medium rare at 130 or 140 degrees.


Remove the tri tip from the grill and let rest while making the chimichurri sauce.

For the Chimichurri sauce


In a blender or a Ninja or a Food Processer, add all the ingredients and blend until a nice smooth sauce consistency. Yep, it's that easy!


Tomatoes are not traditional in a Chimichurri and do take away from the brilliant green color of the sauce. I have an abundance of wonderful fresh Cherry tomatoes and added them to my chimichurri to use them up!


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