Hi, I’m Sara! Welcome to my home online where I get to share my Keto lifestyle journey and help to coach others in reaching their health and wellness goals. On the blog, I will share keto recipes, motivation for the mind and tips for implementing the Keto lifestyle in all aspects of your home.

Picture of Sara from Keto On the Rise in March 2020 and today for the blog page Meet Sara from Keto On the Rise.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I love, love, love to cook. It has always been my peace and joy.
  • I would consider myself a Bon Jovi ‘groupie’.
  • I love sunshine and being anywhere in the water.
  • I am a passionate military mom.
  • I have completed five half-marathons, some faster than others.

My game changer:

In March of 2020, I decided there has to be a better way of tackling my weight issues as well as some of the daily symptoms I was experiencing as a result of my auto-immune disease. From past attempts and failures, I knew that the answer was not just choosing the right food, completing a certain workout, or filling my head with self-help quotes. I came to realize it was treating my whole self, not a quick fix but a complete lifestyle change.

A wise man once told me that my overall health and wellness was much like the wheel of a bicycle and that each spoke of the wheel represents a piece that must be intact to make up a whole working wheel. As simple as this sounds, it hit me like a bag of bricks and in March 2020, I realized I had alot of broken spokes.

After this ‘ah-ha’ moment, I immediately started working on the spokes of my wheel and today I am still plugging away at it. I have been able to lose eighty pounds and keep it off while setting and reaching more goals everyday. This passion to change my life story is what led me to seek out and follow a Keto Lifestyle for my body, my mind and in my home. As you follow me, together we will work each and everyday on your Keto lifestyle journey and fix all those spokes to get your wheel whole again!