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    Perfect Easy-to-Peel Hardboiled Eggs Everytime

    wooden cutting board with hard boiled egg cut in half and the cracked eggshell is on the board from peeling the gg for the blog post Perfect easy to peel hardboiled eggs everytime for the blog keto on the rise

    Hard boiled eggs are a staple in the Keto diet. They are low in carbs, rich in protein, vitamins and nutrients and are so versatile. I love to have them warm in the morning with bacon or sausage, in a beautiful Cobb salad for lunch or in something as simple as deviled-eggs. I am going to show you how to make perfect easy-to-peel hardboiled eggs everytime.

    The Ingredients

    Ha! Got you there! The ingredients are easy….eggs! Now we can go a bit further and talk about store bought eggs or farm fresh eggs. In the video, I am using farm fresh eggs from my wonderful friend Jenny and her chickens from Daffodil Ridge. The pictures and video don’t do the eggs justice, they are the prettiest blue and speckled brown eggs you have ever seen!

    As much as I love farm fresh eggs, I can tell you that store bought eggs peel easier than farm fresh eggs. Interesting fact, the membrane of the farm fresh egg is bound tighter to the egg when it is fresh as opposed to eggs that have been sitting longer in the case of the store bought egg. Whichever type of egg you choose to boil I can without a doubt tell you that as long as you are following this tutorial you will be amazed at how easy-to-peel either type will be.

    What’s the Secret?

    The secret to perfect easy-to-peel hardboiled eggs is in the method of how they are cooked. Follow along with the video or follow these simple steps to perfection!

    • Fill a large pot about 3/4 of the way full with cold water
    • On the stovetop, bring the pot of water to a moderate boil
    • Once the water comes to a boil use a slotted spoon to gently add the eggs to the boiling water one at a time
    • Once all the eggs (however many you want to cook) are added to the water boil the eggs for 13 minutes…..Yep! Set your timer!
    woman using a slotted spoon to put fresh eggs into a pot of boiling water to make hard boiled eggs for perfect easy-to-peel-hardboiled eggs everytime Keto On the RIse blog post.
    • While the eggs are boiling, prepare the icebath
    • When the 13 minutes are up, turn off the stove and using your slotted spoon carefully remove the eggs from the boiling water and put immediately into the icebath
    • Allow the eggs to sit in the icebath 1-2 minutes, so they are not hot to handle when peeling
    woman removing hardboiled eggs from a pot of boiling water to an ice bath for perfect easy-to-peel-hardboiled eggs everytime Keto On the RIse blog post.
    • Take the egg from the icebath and crack on a hard surface and start peeling
    • Last, be AMAZED at how easy these eggs are to peel and how perfectly the are cooked

    Additional Hints and Tips for Boiled Eggs

    Ok, now you have it down. I want to give some additional tips of advice for cooking. First, I do find from time to time that as gentle as I am when putting the eggs into the boiling water, I may have an egg here and there slightly crack. If this happens to you, it’s fine, your end result will still be great, trust me.

    Another tip is if you want to try the egg let’s say for breakfast and you want the yolk to be oozy or softer than hard boiled, then by all means do it…just boil for a bit less time than the 13 minutes. When I use a medium sized egg I can achieve a soft boiled egg at about 11 minutes. And speaking of egg size, eggs come in all sizes from small to jumbo. For this tutorial, I used a medium sized egg and the 13 minute timer gave consistent results and perfect easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs everytime! Get boiling!

    Stay On the Rise,